The First Step

I want to gain a certain kind of liberty. I want to live off the land. I want to know the independence of growing my own food. I want to build my house out of what grows on my property. I want to throw off the bonds of the Internet, electricity, telephones, and modern hoopla, and live a genuine, slow life. I want to hold my work in the grip of my hand and stand on my labors with my own two feet. I want to see the fruits of my labors in the light of my eyes, and sweat and bleed for my work. I want to feel the sun, the wind, the bite of the winter cold. I want to ache at the end of each day, and sleep sweetly in my straw bed. I want bugs in my home, because my house isn’t an inorganic air tight Tupperware container. I want to find mushrooms in the woods, hunt wild deer, and sing loudly like no one is listening. I want to eat home grown grain because I can’t afford hamburger. I want a very special kind of liberty.

I want liberty from any weakness, any cheap sense of entitlement, any obsession with money, and any rat race. Keep your promotions; keep your AngularJS, your JQuery, your city, your noise, your iPhones, your useless, life sucking stuff. Give me the good stuff. Give me the fresh air, the solitude, the beggar’s lice, the snakes in my three foot grass. Yes, keep your lawns, keep your five bedroom houses, keep your birth control! Keep it all!

For the time being, I don’t enjoy this particular kind of liberty. I am a computer developer, and a budding writer living in the suburbs of St. Louis. In contrast to the liberty I desire to gain, I have to ask the county government if I can wire a new switch in an electrical circuit in my own house; I have to ask the government if I can install a new hot water heater, or if I can build a new deck on my own property. As it is, even though I have the “right” to own chickens (in my part of the county), I don’t have the right to sell their surplus eggs.

This blog is the first step in my quest for liberty. Do I hate the Internet? Yes. Do I intend to realize my dream and ditch the Internet someday? Yes, but ironically, the first step I’m taking toward that dream is directly into the blogo-sphere. My first step is to become a writer, and to transfer my main source of income from the downtown highrise to the invisible, ubiquitous Internet. I hope that once I can make a suitable living with nothing more than a cheap laptop and an Internet connection, I and my family will be able to transition into homesteading life on a lifeline no more cumbersome than 60 watts plus wifi.

Furthermore, I intend to write about my progress over the next several years as I approach this goal, and blog about my experiments, my finances, my home debt, my career, and what I learn along the way. Someday, I hope to leave the Internet for good, but I hope I can leave behind a trail of breadcrumbs, so as to empower any followers of my journey to take their own first, second, third steps into the same dream, and the same pursuit of liberty. I intend to gain liberty from the Internet through the Internet. Follow me.


16 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. You’re on your way. Solid introduction page.
    Like these phrases ” get bitten by a brown recluse, because my house isn’t an inorganic air tight Tupperware container.”, “sing loudly like no one is listening”, and “trail of breadcrumbs, so as to empower “.
    You might consider making this post or part of it as your “About blogger page”. It’s good to have an “About” page to show you’re a real blogger, intend on being around for a while, and it lets other bloggers know you’re not spam or only around to collect blogger’s contact info. Or write/post another page for that purpose.
    Many bloggers will create a “FIrst Post” page and add a tab so a great beginning is always available for those who want to see where/how you started – and who wants a good “draw them in post” to get lost in the stack? (Both these pages can be added as you have time – staring out can be overwhelming.)
    WIll it be I love Lucy hilarious adventures of discovery or straight to the point advice here? Who knows but sounds interesting. Write on!.
    (Oh, straw mattresses are a bit prickly and itchy. Kids enjoy sleeping in the hay barns as a treat in summer though.)

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    1. Thank you for the solid advice. I’ve been writing offline for years as a hobby, but this blogo-world is somewhat new to me, so I treasure your words of wisdom. I’ll try to make time to make these two pages tonight.


  2. Good luck on your journey and at times all it takes is a leap of faith and just do it then you are never left wondering or playing the “what if” game to yourself..go for it ~ great writing and nice blog set up

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    1. Hi, marderson215. Thank you for your comment! Simplicity is certainly something I want consciously strive for every day, whether I ever live my dream or not.

      After looking at a few of your posts, it looks like I’ll really have a lot more to learn from you about improving viewership than vice versa. I’ve been reading the Internet for years, but I’ve only decided to start participating within the last couple of days. Maybe I’ll include some posts in my blog someday about what I’ve learned about blogging when I become a little more seasoned.

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  3. I absolutely love the idea of thumbing your nose at the very thing that is getting you recognition so that you can begin your dream life. And I didn’t mean that to have the sarcasm with which my comment seems to be dripping! Good for you and I hope that it happens for you and your family!

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  4. Super interested to see how this goes for you! We are on a similar (perhaps less drastic) route too! Hopefully what you learn will help me too! If you want to stop by and check out From City To Crunchy I’d be happy to hear your thoughts.

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